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How to Be yourself and Remain Authentic

by | Nov 27, 2018

Authenticity is defined as – “of undisputed origin; genuine.”

We often advise each other to, “be more authentic,” or “find your authentic self.

What does this mean exactly?  How can you be authentic and find what your true authenticity is?

How to Be Authentic & Inauthentic

Putting things simple, Authenticity is a state where you allow yourself to simply be yourself.  This means that you are listening, feeling, and accepting who you are and how you feel in the moment.  In this state, you do not feel you must shield any aspects of yourself from others. You live and operate from this state of self-love and respect.

Once you honor who you are above all else, you return to your authenticity.

It is very easily to allow external things to alter your own personality.  This is known as “selling out.” Once you begin to change or ignore your own values and beliefs due to external forces, you strip away from your authenticity and you WILL feel it.

Discover Your Masks (EGO)

Discover your ego

“In a world that rewards flawless masks, it’s hard to separate our identity from what we pretend. The masks we wear might seem authentic, but they are just a disguise.” -Gustavo Razzetti

Removing the masks we wear to operate in society is essential when choosing to become more authentic.  This mask, also known as ego, shields your authenticity from the world. The mask is designed to persuade you to measure up to the expectations of those around you & your ego.

The mask, or ego, is always trying to protect itself.  You are not your ego, you created it to interact with the world.  The ego tries to keep us in our comfort zones by avoiding situations that push us to grow.

Here are some signs that your mask is taking over.

  1. You alter your personality depending on who’s around.
  2. Your decisions depend on how much exposure/attention you will receive in return.
  3. You neglect your gut intuition.
  4. You only show your “good side.”
  5. Other people tell you who you should be and what you should do (and you listen and obey).
  6. You want to be just like ________ person.
  7. You want a ton of money so everyone is impressed.
  8. You are afraid to express your true feelings because it’s unpopular.

Embrace Vulnerability. Don’t Filter, Just Be.

how to be authentic

Your mask does its best to shield you from feeling exposed.  Whenever we begin to feel exposed, the mask rings an alarm and defensive walls rise.  The mask wants to be right all the time, it has to defend itself so that others see it the way to wants to be seen, not the way it is.

Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable is very important when returning to your authenticity.  Being authentic and real requires a level of self acceptance and love that the mask does not give.

To embrace your vulnerabilities, you must accept that you are not flawless.  Having doubts, making mistakes, and being shy are all part of the human experience.  Being authentic is about being true to yourself, not perfect.

The authentic person in the room admits they are shy when they are shy, says they are tired when tired, and leaves when they want to leave.  They have no reason to pretend to be something other than what they are. They know this is self sabatage and effects themselves more than anything else.

There is no reason to filter out any of the truth.  The truth will certainly set you free when you allow yourself to live it.  The authentic state is the freedom you’ve desired and all you need to reach it is a firm decision to live your authentic truth.

Forgive and Accept Yourself Entirely

Self forgiveness is crucial to authenticity.  How can you be the real you and accept yourself 100% without first forgiving all the mistakes you’ve made and moving forward?  Clinging to our old mishaps can alter our future choices and progression.

You are always your worst enemy.  The ego LOVES to judge. Judging yourself can result in a less authentic lifestyle.  When we judge ourselves, we put ourselves in a vicious cycle of trying to fit our mask’s expectations.  

Our mask does not represent our authenticity, it represents the shield we use to cover up who we are.  Self-judgment is like food to the mask. It gives the mask a reason to get stronger and stay around. The simplest way to overcome self-judgment is to learn how to forgive yourself for everything.

Face Solitude

Time and space can do wonders.  Being alone is often feared or avoided by most people even though it can be very healing and life transforming.

When we unplug from the busy environment around us and find our own space to inhabit, we grant ourselves the opportunity to notice our domestication.

Solitude pulls us away from the “herd mentality.”  The alone time offers us the clarity and space needed to grow ourselves.  It gives us a chance to know who we are individually since we are not being fed ideas from anyone around us.  This gives us the chance to give birth to original ideas and beliefs that align with our individual truth.

According to Forbes, being alone offers plenty of benefits such as

  1. Increasing empathy
  2. Increasing productivity
  3. Sparking creativity
  4. Building Mental Strength
  5. Reduce behavior problems in Kids
  6. Knowing thyself


Authenticity can heal the world.  When we decide to honor and respect our inner nature, we show others that they can also do the same.  This ripple effect can transform the way the world functions.

Being real and authentic is needed now more than ever.  If you can recall a time where you’ve been authentic OR inauthentic, leave a comment below so we all can learn from your truth.  


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