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Why Trataka Yoga Meditation Is POWERFUL For Focus & Eyesight

We all know what a cluttered mind feels like.

One second you’ll be thinking about what to do now, next you’ll wonder about tomorrow, while remember what happened yesterday GAH!

Before you know it, your focus is completely scattered and you can no longer focus on what is directly in front of you.

Did you know the cluttered mind could be one of the big causes of eyesight loss? 

Personally, I’ve noticed how thoughts can completely consume your mind to a point that you NO LONGER see what is directly in front of you.

Since the mind and the eyes are connected, not being able to focus the mind is pretty much the same as not being able to focus the eyes.  (Source)

I’m sure you’ve experienced this while driving, or while drifting off into deep thought.  Notice how you are no longer using or focusing your eyes, you are no longer present and seeing what’s happening now.  As with all muscles, the less you use it, the weaker it gets.

LUCKILY, there is a way to deal with this condition.  Trataka meditation or candle gazing is a great solution to countering this mindless habit.

*Note- Next time you are experiencing anger, stress, or anxiety, observe the movement of your breath and your eyes.  Notice how unstable they are. Bring a sense of stillness and calmness to them and you will be able to observe your emotional state shift back to your natural calm state.*

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What Is Trataka Meditation / Yoga?

Trataka (Sanskrit : “To look, or to gaze”) is a yogic meditation method that involves staring at a single point.

Usually, trataka is performed with a candle for candle gazing.

Although meditation is usually performed with closed eyes, open-eyed focused meditation is VERY powerful and beneficial to the body.

Benefits of Trataka Candle Gazing

There are a TON of benefits to practicing trataka meditation daily.

Just the act of sitting down to gaze at a candle establishes a lot of self-discipline, which is huge alone.

Once you’ve established self-discipline, there is nothing you cannot do because you’ll have the focus and will to achieve any goal you set for yourself.  You’ll also be able to let go of distractions that may come up and try to take you away from your objective.

Trataka meditation is also amazing for boosting your focus to a new level.

After staring at a candle for a few minutes, you’ll become more aware of distracting thought patterns that you may be clinging to.  As you continue to practice, these distractions will wear thin and you’ll be able to focus without distractive thoughts swaying your focus.

Soon, you’ll be able to sit down for a project and get plenty done in one sitting without the mind distracting you.  The mind will become a tamed partner and tool for you to use instead of the other way around.

Trataka is also great for the eyes.

Since this gazing exercise involves staring at a fixed point without strain or discomfort, you will be bringing more energy to your eyes.  “Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows.” This is fact.

You will start to activate muscles in this region that will help strengthen your eyes.

Trataka meditation has even more benefits, here is a list of benefits you’ll receive from the daily practice of Trataka yoga/meditation.

  • Raises your Focus & Concentration.  It can make the mind steady & calm.
  • Improve Cognitive Function
  • Improve Visual Skills
  • Balance the 2 hemispheres of the brain
  • Boost self-confidence and patience
  • Build Self Discipline
  • Brings Balance to the nervous system
  • Heal your eyes
  • Relieves anxiety and depression
  • Diminishes insomnia.  Practicing before sleep can improve sleep quality.
  • Clairvoyance & Third eye / Pineal Gland Opening

Trataka and the third eye (pineal gland)

As you practice trataka daily, you will notice that your imagination’s ability will enhance dramatically.

Your inner visions will be clear and vivid because of trataka’s ability to open the third eye or pineal gland.

Since there is not a lot of scientific research behind the power of trataka and opening the third eye I will speak from personal experience when I say you will definitly notice a change with your visual thoughts.

At the beginning, not much was happening on the visual side of things, however, after a week I noticed that I could see the flame CLEAR and perfectly (with my eyes shut) after my trataka practice was complete.  The image seemed like an afterimage that sat in between my eyebrows in my mind’s eye.

Soon I could actually summon this image on demand.  There’s a clear difference between imagining a flame right now vs summoning a flame in your mind’s eye/third eye.

The difference is, one is imaginary, the other “seems” to actually be there… tangible. 

After being able to focus my mind, other abilities started to come into my reality.  I suddenly was able to enter trans and quiet my mind easier.  I remember my first out of body experience occurred due to my consistent trataka practice (along with sun gazing).

Dangers & Precautions of Trataka? Side Effects?

Although trataka has so many benefits, there are some precautions to be away of.

  1. Keep your eyes relaxed.  Release tension and do not squint.  It’s important to make sure you do not put stress on your eyes because this can do more harm than good.
  2. Some Yogis say that unbroken practice with a candle for more than 2 months may cause a permanent impression on the retina.  To be safe, you can take a break every couple of months for a week.
  3. Don’t do trataka on a candle if you have cataracts, glaucoma, myopia, astigmatism or epilepsy.
  4. Keep your back and head straight.
  5. Make sure candle is arm’s length away.
  6. Be patient with your progression, blink your eyes if they get TOO dry.  (Listen to your own body, if you can keep your eyes open to retain your focus, do so)

How to do Trataka For Beginners | Tips

Here are the steps to doing Trataka Yoga / Mediation:

  • Begin in a dark room (dimly lit if not using a candle) Free from drafts and distractions.
  • Place a natural candle in front of you at arm’s length.  Preferable eye level. (Non-natural candles are Toxic- **source**)

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  • Once your flame is not flickering and it remains steady, you are ready to begin.
  • Close your eyes—Sit in a relaxed pose, back straight, shoulders relaxed, head straight, and take a deep breath to relax into your position.
  • Open your eyes, gaze steadily at the flame.
  • Make sure you release any tension in your eyebrows or temple region.  Gaze for as long as possible without blinking and without strain.
  • Once your eyes begin to water or tire, blink them.
  • Your awareness should be so focued on the flame that everything else is lost.
  • After a about 5 minutes, close your eyes and see the flame in your minds eye.  See if you can stablize the image while your eyes are closed.
  • Repeat the process 3 times.
  • After completion place the palm of your hand over your eyes and allow the heat to be absored by your eyes.

Conclusion – When to Practice

Trataka is best practiced in early morning when you first wake up and late night before you sleep.

It can steady your mind and your focus to begin your day and also relax the mind so you can get a relaxing deep sleep.

If you practice trataka mediation during the daytime, make sure to find a dark space without any distractions.

Hey I’m Sean.  I am a spiritual student and teacher.  I created this blog to share useful knowledge to help us all grow spiritually.  After years of practicing yoga and meditation, I noticed how I became a new person.  No more anxiety, no more comparing myself to others, and no more participating in things that do not resonate with me.  Hopefully this platform will inspire others to reach new heights on their journey.  Thanks for reading, best regards.

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