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What is Manifestation & How Does it Work

Once we claim our manifestation power, we begin to grab control of our lives and become the best version of ourselves with much more ease.  

Claiming our power is taking responsibility for how we feel, think, act and create the life we experience daily.

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What is Manifestation

According to Vocabulary, a manifestation is defined as, “the public display of emotion or feeling, or something theoretical made real.”

We often use this word when we are referring to our or the universe’s ability to create circumstances, events, and things.

Manifesting has become very popular since we discovered that we have the ability to create the circumstances and events we experience in our own lives.  Once you understand how manifestation works, you’ll see why it is you are experiencing the life you have and how to change it.

How Does Manifestation Work?

If you’ve heard that, “thoughts create things” or that we create our own reality, you’ve been hearing references to manifestation.

Manifestation and the law of attraction are built from the fact that everything is vibration and this vibration is constantly in motion.

Everything is energy and this energy is comprised of electrons, protons, and neutrons vibrating at different frequencies.

Higher frequencies attract higher frequencies while lower frequencies attract lower frequencies. (Ex. Misery loves company)

This is how manifestation works.

Once you program your mind and body to live in a higher frequency state, the circumstances in your life will have no choice but to align with your new reality.  

That is how energy works.

Vibration is key.

Everything is vibration and like attracts like.

This means that if you have a high vibration, (love, excitement, happiness, optimism) you will attract the circumstances that align with that higher vibration.

If you have low vibration, (sadness, pessimistic, anger, doubt, fear) you will attract circumstances that align with that lower vibration.

Your vibration will determine what you are seeing and how you see it.

This explains why two different people can see the same event unfold and perceive it entirely different.  

Once you can control your vibration, you will be able to control your life, finances, health, relationships, and more.

With practice, you will be able to increase your vibration rate and let go of the poor habits that keep your vibration lower.

How to Manifest Abundance

To Manifest Abundance, you must realize you already have it.

This is how energy works since like attracts like.

In reality, you do have abundance right now, however, this truth can be blurry and unclear due to dominant thought patterns/vibration.

To manifest abundance, you must undo or let go of the limiting beliefs you cling to daily and take note of all of the good in your life.

Step 1 : Declutter Your life

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Distractions are everywhere.

If you want to manifest a totally new reality for your life, you must declutter first.

Get rid of the excess distractions in your life that no longer serve you.

A distraction can come in various forms:

  • People
  • Old Hobbies / Habbits
  • Entertainment
  • Gossip
  • Messy Living Environment
  • Negative thoughts
  • And more…

It is important that you identify the distractions in your life that are slowing down your progress to manifesting the life you desire. Once identified, get rid of it. Doing so will open up new space for new energy to flow.

Step 2 : Find The Good and FEED IT

Once you have declutered from the gunk that kept your old life patterns stable, you are ready to start shifting your vibration.

The mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

In order to shift how your mind interprets life, you first have to practice gratitude.

Look around you and inside to find the good in your life. 

This can stat VERY small and get larger with momentum.

Be grateful for your body being able to move and do what it is you need it to do.  Most people take this for granted but it is not. 

Be grateful the sun is up, your water is running, your electricity is working for you, your lungs are functioning well.

You have the ability to shift your WHOLE life by reprograming your mind to appreciate the good in your life.  With enough practice, your mind will automatically start being grateful for things that your old self would have never recognized.


Step 3 : Tend to Your Vibration

How you feel is your indicator of what your vibration is.

It is very likely you will experience ups and downs while shifting to this new reality.

It is important to not feed into the negative thought patterns once they arrive.  Be easy on yourself.

If you feel a negative thought creeping in, notice it, and let it go.  Do not feed this idea with more energy because it will get stronger.

Once you repetitively keep a note of your negative thought patterns, you’ll notice what triggers them and BOOM that is awareness spreading within you.

Here are some great techniques to implement once negative thought creeps in:

  • Exercise – Physical exercise is great for resetting and boosting vibration.
  • Meditation – A simple meditation is great for restoring balance and letting go of unwanted thought patterns.
  • Breathing Exercise – Since the breath regulates thought, simply slowing down your breathing and going deeper with the breath can slow down the mind and bring you back to equilibrium.
  • Go on a walk – A walk through nature or non-busy environment is sometimes all you need to reset.

Step 4 : Focus on what you want.

Focus is very powerful.

Focus is your point of attraction.  Are you focused on what you want or what you don’t?

Are you focuses on lack or abundance?

To learn how to manifest, you must know that you are always manifesting what you focus on.  Good or bad, High or Low.

Spend time identifying what it is that you want and spend less time identifying what you don’t.

As you focus on your desires, you should begin to feel the excitement associated with it (which raises you vibration).

If you do not feel the excitement, you may feel sadness due to the lack of what you want seeming present.  If this is the case, do not focus on exactly what you want in this moment.  Let go and find a new focus.

You have the power to get specific and broaden the desire.  If the specifics cause stress, let go and broaden your focus. (Example:  If you REALLY want to manifest money but the ‘how’ is unclear and causes you unhappiness, broaden your scope.  Instead of REALLY wanting money, want happiness instead, want freedom.  This will give your mind a chance to find the solution to your new focus easier since the resistance is lessened.)

Once the specifics feel good, take ACTION.

Step 5 : Take Action Towards Manifestation.

Taking action when the time comes is very important.

You’ll know when the time will come, you will feel the excitement and drive to act.  When this comes, ACT.

You know the time to act has come usually by impulse.  Once the impulse to act comes, it is crucial to move.

Although the “why” for the impulse may not seem to be the “way” to your desire, you’ll find that the universe has a magical way of bringing your manifestation to you.


Manifestation works because of the simple laws of vibration.

Like attracts like, and everything is constantly in motion.

To manifest what you desire you must take control over your vibration.  It is the most important thing to be aware of.

How do you feel now? This gives you an idea of where you are vibrational.

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Hey, I’m Sean, thank you for reading my post.  I am an everyday practitioner of Yoga and Meditation. 

I write these posts to share what I’ve learned through experience and research. Hopefully, I will inspire others to be more mindful and take charge of their lives.  Namaste.

By: Sean James


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