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What is Numerology? How does it Work 2020

Just what exactly is numerology and how does it work?

Have you ever noticed and wondered why similar numbers will often appear in your life? Or, how men and women you meet are born a certain time of the year are drawn towards you…

No, this is not a coincidence.. this actually deals with the ancient science of numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology isn’t a subject that you’d learn at Hogwarts or some David Blaine magic trick. Numerology is actually the study of significant numbers in a person’s life calculated in a way that determines his or her character, desires, natural inclinations, and the energy he or she attracts.

The significant number will typically stem from a person’s birth date and his or her name. Believe it or not, these factors will actually affect the experiences and opportunities a person will have in life.

Numerology experts state that each letter of a name has a numeric value. The date of birth is the most influential number because it determines your life path.

The numbers that represent the letters of your name interplay with the number vibration of your birth date or life path number. Each number carries its own energy and interacts with each other which makes a huge impact on your life experiences. The energies of these numbers will affect your emotional intensity, ambitions, abilities, desires, and more.

Numerology is very popular in Asian countries. Many parents will pay good money to consult with numerologists to ensure a bright future for their children. This ancient science is very powerful and important to understand since it plays a role in daily life.

Those who are aware of the power that numerology possesses will often use the knowledge to lead themselves to success. Some famous celebrities who use aliases will often change their names to create opportunities that will impact their careers.

The experts at Numerologist explain that “People would want to get a reading done on their birth name to obtain the most accurate reading. With that said, the longer you have a new name, the longer you carry its vibration, so doing a reading on a married name or newly given or newly determined name can also hold value. It also depends on how someone feels towards a name. For example, if a lady prefers her married name and resonates much more with the feeling, vibration, and frequency that it gives, then this could hold stronger than her maiden name.”

What’s Your Life Path Number?

numerology life path

Numerology is a powerful tool to use for those who would benefit from understanding the situational patterns they keep on experiencing.

Instead of letting life run on auto-pilot, you can take the wheel and discover how you can use numerology to guide your life in the direction you truly desire.

Your first reading will be COMPLETELY free on us if you’d like to learn what your numbers say about you. You can gain more perspective over who you are destined to be and why events are happening the way they are. Take the free numerology reading and make your numbers work for you.

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